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ST A.KiD 50 Spread Updated Logo.jpg

Stones Throw Records Tie Dye

' Strawberry Lemon Pop '

Lemon Yellow Outer Complements Hot Hibiscus Zipping Through The Middle. 

ST TD Lemon Pop .png

' Monet Swamp '

Swampy Shades Of Green Come Together To Create A Monet-Like Masterpiece.

STH TD Monet Swamp .png

' Mars Terrain '

Deep Purples & Browns Create This Martian-Like Colorway Full Of Texture.

STH TD Mars Terrain .png

' Capri Sun-Set '

Yellow To Red To Blue, Like A Sunset Over The Pacific.

ST TD Capri Sun .png

' Tropical Punch ' 

You Ever Eaten A Whole Pack Of Gushers At Once?

STH TD Tropical Spiral.png

' Rainforest River '

Lush Green Running Along The Crystal Blue, Like The Vegetation Lining The Amazon.

STH TD Rainforest River .png
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